Knowledge and Partnership

Better prospects

Day-old chicklings


Firma z tradycjami

A company with tradition

Knowledge and partnership
better prospects

The company was founded in 1992 in Makowiska by the couple Danuta and Czesław Frischke, as one of the links in the integrated poultry production of the Drobex Group. After many years of continuous development today we are one of the largest and most modern poultry companies in Poland.

Innowacyjne technologie

Innovative technologies

Perfect sanitary conditions

The hatching equipment used in Drobex-Agro ensures the highest technological level in the industry.

Recognised reliability

Drobex-Agro is a reliable and credible business partner, which has been confirmed by numerous awards.

Przedsiębiorstwo FAIR PLAY

In 2009 we received the "Fair Play" Certificate - it gives us satisfaction that acting in accordance with the adopted social and ethical standards we contribute to the increase of satisfaction not only of our customers but also of our staff.

Quick distribution

We provide modern transport solutions of chicks to ensure, that they are always delivered safe and on time.



In 2018, Drobex-Agro obtained the QS certification, which is a guarantee of the origin and quality of the chicks.

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