About the company


The hatching equipment used in Drobex-Agro ensures the highest technological level in the industry.

The technology developed by Petersime consists of constant monitoring and adaptation of the incubation environment to its specific needs. Moreover, innovative control systems of individual hatching parameters have been applied. This contributes not only to the improvement of the basic hatching parameter but also to the increase of post-hatching performance, i.e.: increase in the final weight, meat yield, feed conversion rate and lower mortality. Throughout the entire technological process, we are committed to maintaining efficiency and production speed, high quality and animal welfare.

We are aware that transport is an important moment for chicks and that is why we transport them with specialized Veit vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with control and registration systems for such parameters as ventilation, air temperature and the CO2 level. The applied technical solutions facilitate efficient and fast loading of chicks and their unloading at the farm.


Our competent staff, as well as long-term research process, experience and implementation of quality systems, ensure that Drobex-Agro offers you the best product. This translates into our success and your success.

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