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Who We Are

Knowledge and partnership - better prospects

For over 25 years Drobex-Agro Spółka z o.o. has been dealing with the production of day old broiler chicks..

The company was founded in 1992 in Makowiska by the couple Danuta and Czesław Frischke, as one of the links in the integrated poultry production of the Drobex Group. After many years of continuous development today we are one of the largest and most modern poultry companies in Poland.


Benefits of cooperation with us

  • Investments in the most modern hatching and distribution facilities in the country as well as continuous, professional veterinary supervision guarantee chicks with the desired level of health.
  • The high biological value of our raw material - hatching eggs - translates into a rapid increase in the weight of the broiler.
  • We guarantee modern solutions for the transport of chicks so that our product always reaches you safely and on time.
  • We offer convenient settlement solutions for chicks through contractual agreements for the delivery of live animals.
  • Constant bacteriological and serological monitoring of chicks in the professional laboratory Vetdiagnostica allows saving time and money when choosing veterinary prophylaxis or appropriate treatment on the farm.
  • We provide substantive support in the scope of current legal and veterinary regulations in poultry breeding.
  • We care for the best possible relations with breeders so that they feel like our partners.

The mission of Drobex-Agro is responsible and innovative production of top quality breeding chicks, with a particular emphasis on their health safety.

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