About the company

Quality policy

Our priority is to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers as well as to constantly improve and maintain the highest level of quality of our breeding chicks.

GHP/GMP, i.e. Good Hygiene Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice, constitute the basis for the supervision of quality in our company. These two basic systems are aimed at maintaining proper control over the technological processes and the hygiene of the working environment in the hatchery. HACCP stands for hazard analysis and critical control points (CCP). We emphasize the elimination of health hazards in the entire production process in this system.

Additionally, we operate on the basis of the QS standard, which covers all stages of food production - "from the field to the shop". Therefore, it applies to feed producers, animal breeders, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants as well as transport and trade companies.

Drobex Agro, belonging to the QS system, meets a number of very strict standards, which are a guarantee of safety and compliance with the declared quality. Therefore, Drobex-Agro is subject to regular inspections by independent auditors.

It is worth noting that the Drobex-Agro feed mixer plant operates on the basis of the GMP+ system, which is the highest standard ensuring the safety and quality of the feed produced. This is a very important aspect for us because feed has a huge impact on the condition and health of parent flocks, which translates directly into the quality of chicks.

The development of the poultry industry leads to increased demands and progress in the management of the entire food chain. We confirm our qualifications and goals through QS system certification and production based on GMP/GHP and HACCP.

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