Broiler Ross 308 is characterized by an excellent body weight growth rate, high resistance to diseases, optimal feed consumption, good survival and slaughter efficiency.

The chicks offered by Drobex-Agro achieve a high level of equilibrium, daily growth and final weight. We owe this to the most modern technology, many years of experience and rigorous procedures. Our goal is to achieve the desired breeding result.

We offer the necessary vaccinations according to the recommendations of the doctor watching over the herd, using all vaccines registered in our country.

Our customers trust us and value our professional service as well as and veterinary and zootechnical advice. Our technician is at your disposal daily from the moment of placing the chicks in the poultry house. In the birds' first week of life we visit our customers in order to ensure a good start of the chicks. We analyse dead chickens and conduct research. In addition, we share our knowledge and experience supporting our customers in the proper preparation of facilities for the reception of chickens as well as the breeding itself.

Cooperation / orders

To place an order or to learn more about how we can establish cooperation in the purchase/sale of chicks, please contact us by phone:
+ 48(52) 387 68 03, fax +48(52) 387 68 40 or send us a message.

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