Drobex Group


The Drobex Group includes closely integrated business entities. The group's activities include the production of hatching eggs, chicks, fodder, broiler fattening, slaughter, packaging, laboratory and veterinary service. The result of such work organization is full control of the quality of products and the possibility of identifying the origin of each batch of meat.


The wide range of operations and uninterrupted success of the Drobex Group for over 30 years contributes to the high stability of the company, which translates into the success of the companies cooperating with it.

Grupa Drobex

Przedsiębiorstwo Drobiarskie Drobex (Drobex Poultry Company) with its registered office in Solec Kujawski is one of the leading producers of the highest-quality poultry meat known throughout the country. Moreover, Drobex is the owner of the Bydgoskie Zakłady Mięsne (Bydgoskie Meat Factory) brand.

Drobex-Pasz specializes in the production of complete poultry mixtures, being one of the leading suppliers of feed in the region.

Drobex-Agro Spółka z o.o. deals with the production of day old broiler chicks.

We have a base of broiler farms, which include more than 200 poultry houses. We cooperate only with those farms that are able to meet all EU standards.

Vetdiagnostica is a modern accredited diagnostic laboratory and veterinary office.

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